July 2021 Archive

Our Littlewood giveaway has ended30 July 2021
Network N is looking for a Commercial Content Strategist - come work for us!30 July 2021
Genshin Impact sakura aborism - where to find the quest30 July 2021
Ori The Collection Switch revealed, two incredible games on one cart30 July 2021
League of Legends: Wild Rift second Wild Pass features a new Teemo skin30 July 2021
Genshin Impact Shakkei Pavilion - how to complete Tatara Tales and unlock the pavilion30 July 2021
Coin Master events - Coin Craze, Village Mania, and more29 July 2021
Fresh areas are coming to New Pokémon Snap in a free update29 July 2021
Picross x Sega crossover finally squares a release date29 July 2021
Reminder: Playdate pre-orders go live later today29 July 2021
The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles review - no objections here29 July 2021
Eve Echoes celebrates its first anniversary with a livestream29 July 2021
Genshin Impact Chouji - where to find him and his quest28 July 2021
Up your mobile gaming with 21% off the Razer Junglecat mobile controller28 July 2021
Baldo for Nintendo Switch gets a release date28 July 2021
Riot’s mobile games library smashes through $100 million in revenue28 July 2021
Yoko Taro's Nier Reincarnation releases on Western devices28 July 2021
Prove your Rocket League skills in the Samsung Odyssey League 202127 July 2021
Cris Tales Switch review - a frog stole my rose, and I’m so glad he did27 July 2021
Genshin Impact sacrificial offering - the abandoned shrine and how to destroy the barrier27 July 2021
The best locations to play Genshin Impact on mobile27 July 2021
Monster Hunter Rise adds Ōkami content27 July 2021
Infinite Lagrange base upgrade guide - how to build your own home in space27 July 2021
Akiba’s Trip: Hellbound & Debriefed Switch review - strippin’ in the streets27 July 2021
Activision resurrects zombies mode in Call of Duty: Mobile26 July 2021
Dead By Daylight Mobile invites Élodie and the twins to the family23 July 2021
The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword HD review - Lofty expectations23 July 2021
The Witcher: Monster Slayer review - a coin for your Witcher23 July 2021
Riot is always looking for new and “innovative ways to tell stories in events”23 July 2021
Genshin Impact: 365 days later in Teyvat23 July 2021
Genshin Impact Araumi - unlock the Empty Boat of a Thousand Gates Domain23 July 2021
The Witcher: Monster Slayer fake GPS - why you shouldn’t hack your GPS23 July 2021
The Witcher: Monster Slayer friends - a package for your Witcher23 July 2021
Playdate pre-orders go live next week23 July 2021
Is Pokémon Unite P2W?23 July 2021
What does the Steam Deck mean for Nintendo Switch?22 July 2021
Where to find Genshin Impact sakura bloom22 July 2021
Genshin Impact leads 104% increase in US consumer spending on action games22 July 2021
Boomerang X review - X gonna give it to you21 July 2021
Our Mini Metro giveaway is now over21 July 2021
Dying Light Platinum Edition for Switch leaks20 July 2021
Skyward Sword characters - heroes, villains, and everyone in between20 July 2021
Pokémon Unite skins - every available costume and how to get them20 July 2021
XCOM Legends releases on Android in select territories20 July 2021
Skyward Sword how to dive guide - where to get the water dragon’s scale20 July 2021
Game of Sultans pet pen - how to get your very own pet20 July 2021
Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings Of Ruin review - gotta hatch 'em all19 July 2021
Skyward Sword fatal blow - how to unlock and use it19 July 2021
Skyward Sword eye door - how to beat the puzzles and open the doors19 July 2021
Nintendo clarifies Switch OLED price increase19 July 2021
Garena Free Fire surpasses one billion downloads on Google Play19 July 2021
Super Crush KO gets a physical release next week16 July 2021
Game of Sultans - popular empire simulation game celebrates its third anniversary16 July 2021
PUBG MOBILE’s evolved Erangel - everything in the Mission Ignition mode16 July 2021
Tears of Themis' release date lands this summer16 July 2021
Skyward Sword wallpapers - celebrate the HD remaster in style16 July 2021
Skyward Sword bosses - arachnids, demons, and beasts, oh my16 July 2021
Pokémon Unite release date - beta, gameplay, and everything we know16 July 2021
Game Builder Garage gets a surprise European physical release15 July 2021
Crash: Bandicoot: On the Run welcomes popular villain Nitros Oxide15 July 2021
Atlus launches Persona 25th anniversary site promising seven reveals14 July 2021
Roblox and Cookie Run: Kingdom partner for $50,000 creator challenge14 July 2021
Our Cris Tales Nintendo Switch console giveaway has now ended14 July 2021
Sealed copy of Super Mario 64 sells for $1.5million14 July 2021
Cross-platform RPG Counter: Side comes to Japan this year13 July 2021
Monster Hunter Stories 2 egg guide12 July 2021
Duck Souls review - not a walk in the park12 July 2021
Call of War 1.5 - why now is the best time to join the fight12 July 2021
Mario's creator is hooked on Pokémon Go12 July 2021
Ten of the best Nintendo Switch games to get this July9 July 2021
Genshin Impact's 2.0 update introduces the Inazuma region9 July 2021
PUBG MOBILE version 1.5 shows us a futuristic Erangel, delivers a new Royale Pass, and lets you drive a Tesla9 July 2021
The Sentinels of Light join Wild Rift, TFT, and Runeterra in major summer event8 July 2021
Is the Nintendo Switch OLED model the Switch Pro we’ve been waiting for?8 July 2021
Get the best Sonic since the Sega Genesis 40% off on Switch8 July 2021
Punishing: Gray Raven’s release date lands later this month7 July 2021
The best mobile adventure games7 July 2021
Our Duck Souls giveaway has now ended7 July 2021
Nintendo has announced the 'Nintendo Switch Oled Model'6 July 2021
Pokémon Go celebrates its fifth anniversary with $5 billion in lifetime revenue6 July 2021
Wild Rift, PUBG New State, and Genshin Impact are signs that mobile gaming is growing up5 July 2021
Nintendo (finally) details QOL changes in Skyward Sword HD5 July 2021
Hercules and America Chavez are coming to Marvel Contest of Champions5 July 2021
PUBG MOBILE joins the Chipotle Challenger Series II, and you can sign up for free today5 July 2021
Lost Light might be the most realistic shooter on mobile5 July 2021
Stardew Valley Willy - heart events, likes, and dislikes2 July 2021
The Witcher: Monster Slayer's release date lands later this month2 July 2021
Everything we know about The Witcher: Monster Slayer2 July 2021
Animal Island is basically Animal Crossing within Roblox2 July 2021
Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact collide in a crossover event2 July 2021
Candy Crush Saga and Space Jam: A New Legacy collide1 July 2021
Samus’ terrifying new foe The E.M.M.I. do have a weakness1 July 2021