Anime Blade Universe codes August 2023

Our Anime Blade Universe codes guide is here to save you, so get ready to run around & save the girl as your favourite anime hero, with our help.

Kill to Save Anime Girl Simulator codes: a roblox avatar slices a character that looks like Goku in half

August 1, 2023:  We checked for new Anime Blade Universe codes

There’s enough shonen anime out in the wild to fill the library of Alexandria, though I’d rather it didn’t all get burned down. A lot of manga and anime feature familiar tropes: incredible powers, a team of heroes, and (of course) saving the girl. Well, one Roblox game’s on a mission to make you feel like a shonen hero, and with our Anime Blade Universe codes guide (previously known as Kill to Save Anime Girl Simulator codes), you’ll feel like Naruto in no time.

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New Anime Blade Universe codes

Active codes:

  • animeblade – 25,000 gems
  • titan – 2,000 gems
  • pvp – 2,000 gems
  • demon – 3,000 gems
  • KTSAG – 2,000 gems
  • jojo – 2,000 gems

Expired codes:
Currently, there are no expired Anime Blade Universe codes.

What are Anime Blade Universe codes?

Anime Blade Universe codes are a specific set of numbers and letters which you can use in the title to unlock boosts, bonuses, and rewards. Developer Anime Boys Developers releases codes to coincide with events, updates, and holidays, so bookmark this page and check back, as we update this guide whenever the devs release new codes for players.

How do I redeem Anime Blade Universe codes?

It’s very simple to redeem Anime Blade Universe codes, just follow these steps:

  • Open up Anime Blade Universe
  • Press the codes button on the bottom left of the screen
  • Input your code
  • Hit redeem
  • Enjoy your rewards!

Well, that’s it for today, anime fans. We hope you find our Anime Blade Universe codes guide helpful, and if you need even more great Roblox content, be sure to check out our Monster Hunt Simulator codes guide or our Roblox Doors codes guide next.