SharkBite 2 codes

Looking for Sharkbite 2 codes? Explore the seas and tear apart other players as a vicious predator, with this brutal Roblox game and our code guide.

Sharkbite 2 codes: a roblox avatar stands on a rubber dinghy, trying to escape a shark

August 2, 2023: We checked for new Sharkbite 2 codes

Get hunted by a vicious, bloodthirsty sea creature or become the hunter in SharkBite 2. In this survival Roblox game, you must team up with your friends in order to escape from a massive shark by using weapons and boats. Sometimes you even get chosen to become the Shark; when this happens, the quest is simple: eat everyone. If you’re in need of some extra shark teeth to spend on new weapons, sharks, and vessels, our SharkBite 2 codes list can help. We will keep this page updated with all the newest freebies while removing expired codes, so you don’t need to waste your time searching through hundreds of different sites.

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Here are the latest SharkBite 2 codes

Active codes:

  • 100K – Thumbs Up! reward

Expired codes


SharkBite 2 codes: a Roblox avatar stands on a giant rubber duck and looks through a telescope

What are SharkBite 2 codes?

SharkBite 2 codes generally give you 50 shark teeth to help you purchase new items. The game’s developer, Abracadabra, generally releases codes on special occasions. We don’t have a schedule for when the codes will drop, but check back here regularly, as we will keep this page updated.

How do I redeem SharkBite 2 codes?

We’re here for you if you need a little extra help redeeming SharkBite 2 codes. Simply follow our step-by-step instructions and you will soon have more shark teeth than you could ever need.

  • Open SharkBite 2
  • Press the Twitter icon
  • Type or paste in the code
  • Press ‘Redeem’
  • Receive freebies

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