Poppy Playtime fanart

Our Poppy Playtime fanart guide is gathering all of the best artwork of the horror title, and its many horrible toys. There are some talented fans out there.

Poppy Playtime fanart: Huggy Wuggy is visible in a 3D render, created in Unreal Engine 5

Poppy Playtime fanart is out of this world. The horror community is a great one. Whether it’s books, films, or videogames, fans of the macabre gather everywhere and always seem to find each other. They are also a very talented bunch, so it’s no surprise that there’s heaps of Poppy Playtime fanart out in the world. So we’re showcasing some of the best pieces we can find, be sure to show them some love!

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Let’s join Poppy, Huggy Wuggy, and pals in our Poppy Playtime fanart guide.

Poppy Playtime fanart: Huggy Wuggy crawls through a duct

A Tight Squeeze – by RWGN

Well, this is terrifying. Poppy Playtime’s Huggy Wuggy isn’t quite as cute with his teeth out, and seeing him crawling through a duct towards us is likely to keep us up at night. Even in illustrated form, he’s still scary!

Poppy Playtime fanart: Mommy long legs appears in a dark room

Mommy Long Legs – by byacofc

Huggy Wuggy gets most of the limelight in Poppy Playtime, and for good reason, as he is absolutely terrifying. But, Poppy Playtime Mommy Long Legs is not to be messed with, and those long limbs get much scarier in the dark. This haunting piece of art shows her at her worst, so watch out!

Poppy Playtime fanart: Huggy Wuggy adn Mommy Long Legs appear next to each other in illustrated form

Huggy Wuggy and Mommy Long Legs – by Adam-Clowery

This cartoon-styled artwork from Adam-Clowery is much cuter, and almost makes us wish there was a Poppy Playtime cartoon! There are Poppy Playtime toys though, and they are almost as cute – plus they probably aren’t about to come to life.

Poppy Playtime fanart: Huggy Wuggy is visible in a 3D render, created in Unreal Engine 5

Huggy Wuggy in UE5 – by 하얀모자 WhiteCap

Alright, we’re back in creepy town. 3D artist WhiteCap is responsible for this amazingly eerie piece which recreates Huggy Wuggy in UE5 to terrifying effect. If these 3D renders get any more realistic, I’m going to have some serious trouble sleeping.

Poppy Playtime fanart: Huggy Wuggy walks creepily down a dark corridor

Huggy Wuggy in Blender – by Ryosuke

Artist Ryosuke is responsible for this amazing 3D piece, created in Blender, it shows Huggy Wuggy stalking a dark corridor with that trademark creepy smile. I certainly don’t want to bump into Huggy Wuggy in a dark alley, mainly because I owe him some money.

Poppy Playtime fanart: Kissy Missy appears in a creepy room, surrounded by dolls and monitors with her face on

Kissy Missy – by SHSHI

It’s not all Huggy Wuggy, as this amazing piece created by SHSHI features Poppy Playtime Kissy Missy, and it looks incredible. There are heaps of fun tidbits for fans to find here, and honestly it’s nice to see someone else in the limelight.

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Alright horror fans, that’s all the Poppy Playtime fanart we have for now! If you see anything great you think deserves a spot, be sure to message us over at the Pocket Tactics Facebook account. For now if you need even more great guides, be sure to check out our articles covering FNAF William Afton and FNAF Foxy next.