Honkai Star Rail Phantylia guide

Our journey through the stars introduces us to Honkai Star Rail’s Phantylia, so let’s see what they’re about and how to beat their boss fight.

Honkai Star Rail Phantylia's third form using a yellow and gold color palette

As the Xianzhou Luofu expands with each update, more enemies and challenges arise within it. So who, or what, is Honkai Star Rail’s Phantylia? Here we’ll explain who the latest big boss lady is and how to take her down, along with what you get for doing so.

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Who is Honkai Star Rail’s Phantylia?

Phantylia the Undying is the Xianzhou Luofu’s Echo of War – a new weekly boss providing drops for characters like Honkai Star Rail’s Blade. Her body holds the power of both Destruction and Abundance paths and within it flows the power of the Ambrosial Arbor.

She’s part of the Antimatter Legion, the same faction as those alien monsters hanging around on the Herta Space Station. As such, she’s here to mess things up for the Trailblazer and acts on behalf of the aeon Nanook.

Honkai Star Rail Phantylia holding a glowing orb

How do I beat Honkai Star Rail Phantylia?

The fight against Phantylia can be tricky, especially on harder difficulties. When doing the fight in the story, you get a nicely leveled Jing Yuan unit to help out, but after that, you’re on your own.

Phantylia is weak to imaginary, wind, and lightning, though deals damage in the same types. Therefore, we recommend the following units as your main damage dealers:

Phantylia has a few different attacks, including two deployable flowers that sap your teams’ health and skill points. We recommend getting these out of the way first, as losing both flowers puts Phantylia in a weak spot, perfect for heavy attacks. Thankfully, Honkai Star Rail’s Imbibitor Lunae has an attack that charges after a while and deals some hefty damage to help us along.

The fight consists of three phases, so a healer is necessary for your team, too. Once you vanquish Phantylia, you get Regret of Infinite Ochema drops – the talent upgrade material that we’re all in need of.

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