Adopt Me update

Prepare for a whole host of new furry, feathery, and scaly friends in the Roblox Adopt Me update, ready for you to hatch, collect, and trade with your friends.

Adopt Me update: The three dolls from the doll upddate on a stand with a brown sign behind them

The new Roblox Adopt Me update is here, and we can’t wait to dive right in and get to all the new content. This update introduces dolls for those of you who like to look after small humans as well as adorable pets! There are three distinct dolls to collect.

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When is the Adopt Me update release date?

The Adopt Me Dolls update is out now to play on Roblox

What are the Adopt Me update new pets?

While they aren’t exactly pets, you can unwrap one of these three dolls from the Wrapped Doll item. There’s an equal chance to get each of them:

  • Dylan – Construction doll
  • River – Doctor doll
  • Pinocchio – Wooden doll

The Wrapped Doll box costs 900 bucks and is a legendary item.

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