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Young adults are over-represented in many categories of justice involvement. Although they make up about ten percent of the total population, this age group accounts for over 29 percent of arrests. And people aged 18-24 were sent to prison for violent and property crimes MORE OFTEN THAN ANY OTHER AGE GROUP. These justice figures show a profound failure in the transition of many youth to adulthood, one which is experienced more keenly for some: African American young adults are fifteen times more likely to be in prison than those who are White, while young adults who were in foster care are over ten times more likely to report having been arrested at age 18-19 than young people in the general population. The cost of this failure is high.​

What We Do


A Revolutionary Recidivism Reduction Program Targeted To Young Adults

Training is key. It is the essential step in the process of equipping our participants with a skillset they will bank on. We support our 16-25 year-olds through the certification training program of their choice. They embark on their educational journey with mentors, tutors and counselors by their side. We provide them with the all of the ancillary educational support and structure they need to complete their programs and obtain a certificate in a vocation. But that’s not where it ends. They leave our program as successful business owners. We immerse them in a revolutionary entrepreneurial program that will build them into bosses. Complete self-sufficiency and renewed esteem is the goal.

Defy The Standard; Access The Tools You Need To Succeed!

Young adults are facing an unheard of challenge with very little help to be seen. The challenge of successfully transitioning from their teen years into productive lives as adults!

Now more than ever, our nation’s youth are at dangerous, depressing crossroads. The world’s next great minds are spending years behind bars because they are not equipped to handle the real world after high school. They don’t have the support or skills needed to thrive. They don’t have the tools necessary for coping with the transition effectively.

To help stop this disparaging trend, the iDefy program has been established to help young adults develop the skills and support networks they need to make it in society.

We teach them how to navigate the financial world in a meaningful way, make informed decisions regarding their life, and ultimately provide them with the knowledge necessary for them to defy the national standard and rise as a successful adult. They will learn various investment based aspects of financial literacy. From basic business accounting software, cryptocurrency, stock market trading, and real estate, we provide them with the knowledge they need to start a better life.

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