Defy The Standard; Access The Tools You Need To Succeed!

""Young African American and Latino adults are facing unprecedented challenges with very little help. The challenge is to successfully transition from their teen years into productive lives as adults. Now more than ever, our youth are at a dangerous crossroad and great minds are spending years behind bars because they are not equipped for the economic challenges of the real world beyond high school. They don't have the skills or support that they need to thrive. They don't have the tools or resources necessary for coping with the transition effectively. Our goal is to stop this disparaging trend. We established the iDefy program to help young adults develop their financial literacy and create support networks that they will need to thrive in our society. We teach them how to navigate the financial markets in a meaningful way. To make informed decisions regarding their money and ultimate to utilize critical thinking skills that are necessary to defy the national standard and become successful adults. Ours is a unique approach to an age old problem. We apply real world, real time training in critical areas of finance and accounting so that they can compete in the market and live well. ""

- Caryn Brandon

This program is more than just counselors providing reassurance.

It is a legitimate service that tackles the issue of racial and age-based disparities at the source. We are directly influencing the next generation of adults in a way that will allow them to thrust society towards new heights while liberating themselves from being just another statistic in a national database. iDefy welcomes all struggling youth to enroll in its Maryland, D.C., and Baltimore regions of operations, and we look forward to helping you succeed.

iDefy: Changing The World, One Young Adult At A Time!

When an at-risk youth enrolls in our program, they get to choose a course of action that aligns with their interests and receive real-world training that results in legitimate certifications in their desired field. Our mentors and tutors are present throughout the entire process, and they help ensure that each student finds success with the program.

The iDefy program is a unique opportunity for our nation’s most vulnerable to change the course of their future and succeed in a harsh world of uncertainty. We’re changing the world by equipping our youth with the tools others have neglected to provide.


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Crypto Currency

Business Math

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iDefy will launch in 2022, please feel free to fill out an enrollment form if you are interested in participating. We will contact you with program details soon.