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We provide technical and business development training for young people between the ages of 16 and 24 who have recently been released from prison, are disadvantaged economically, socially, psychologically and/or geographically, or are at-risk. We don't just teach the skills, we train the mind. Our young people are valuable. They need to believe that.

Support - Mentoring - Counseling

We are a non-profit organization that provides an innovative and revolutionary training and education program for disadvantaged and urban young people. We provide the skills and tools to build them into successful owners, independent contractors and employees.


(Life Skills)

Not just Life skills, but skills for life. It is here that we begin to develop an entrepreneurial focus in our youth. Regardless of where they are or have been, we emphasize the value of today. We work to reset the psyche of the troubled youth. We target probation youth in or transitioning from foster care, to provide essential training in and attendance to their personal development. At iTouchUp, a diploma is the rule, not the exception. We set a high bar for our participants because we believe they are capable.


We enroll young adults in reentry, 18-25, in the vocational certification program of their choice at Trade Tech College. We provide comprehensive ancillary support as we help them succeed in achieving their educational goals. We help them develop an educational plan and provide an array of services and milestone rewards structured for their specific needs. We assist our participants with tutoring, social service advocacy, educational advocacy, transportation, apprenticeship placement, counseling – individual and family-based, assessments, case management, drug treatment, childcare advocacy, mentors, life skills, field trips, peer counseling, home placement, health and wellness, nutrition and financial literacy.


Upon obtaining a vocational certificate, we train young adults 1825, to build their own businesses. We inspire in our participants an entrepreneurial mindset, with an emphasis in customer service, professional presentation, finance and business management and sales. We immerse them in all things business and in doing so, we equip them with specific knowledge and tools they can rely on for life. Contact us for details.

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  • Life Skills Training
  • Tutoring
  • Counseling
  • Workshops
  • Professional Development
  • Entrepreneurial Immersion

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