The biggest new mobile games coming in 2023

If you're looking for the best new mobile games launching in 2023, look no further, we've compiled a list of them as well as details of what you can expect

So, you like mobile games, huh? Well, you’ve come to the right place, as we absolutely love them here on Pocket Tactics. So much so that we decided to create a list of all of the big new mobile games coming in 2023, so that you know what you’ve got to look forward to. We’ll even update this as the year goes on, adding new releases as we discover them, so you’ll never miss out on an exciting new game to play.

It looks set to be a great year too, with the upcoming mobile games in 2023 including Final Fantasy VII: Ever Criss, Honkai Star Rail, and DC Heroes & Villains. That’s without even mentioning a new game in the Monster Hunter series also on the way.

Here are the biggest new mobile games coming in 2023

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is a single-player RPG that encompasses the entire Final Fantasy VII timeline. Tetsuya Nomura revealed that Ever Crisis is a free-to-play title with gacha mechanics that unlock special weapons and costume sets.

Take a look at our Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis release date guide to learn more about the upcoming title.


Peridot is an upcoming game from the developer behind Pokémon Go, Niantic. In this game, rather than heading out into the world to catch ‘mons, you must care for adorable creatures, raise them to adulthood, and protect them from extinction. A noble cause if I do say so myself.

The game is currently in beta, and you can learn all about the ins and outs of the game in our Peridot release date guide.

Pokémon TCG Live

When Pokémon TCG Live finally arrives in full form on mobile, many anticipate it’ll become the home of the popular card game, finally providing a fully functioning portal for on-the-go trainers. With a massive library of cards, better ways to pick up packs, and a brand-new matchmaking system pitting you against the world’s best Pokémon players, this digital CCG looks to be the ultimate evolution of the Pokémon Trading Card Game for GameBoy, and I am here for it.

Warzone Mobile

Oh boy, I sure love being able to shoot things up in Call of Duty. You see, I’m quite a competitive individual with a penchant for shooters, and while I’m all too happy to be part of a squad to light things up, I’m also a lone wolf at heart, one that wants to show the world what I can do. So the fact that Warzone Mobile is a reality and due to land on mobile devices next year with its battle royale goodness is a treat for me.

Honkai Star Rail

After having a whale of a time (despite no whaling allowed pre-release) in the beta of the game, I can safely say Honkai Star Rail is going to be one of the biggest mobile releases in 2023. This 3D, turn-based action-adventure takes elements we love from Honkai Impact 3rd and Genshin Impact, and puts a fresh spin on them with an intriguing narrative, a gorgeous aesthetic, and awesome characters. Check out our Honkai Star Rail preview to find out more.

Zenless Zone Zero

Okay, while we don’t know much about Zenless Zone Zero yet, the trailer has already got everyone at PT pumped. Hoyoverse is truly bringing out some bangers, and with that flashy, fast-paced, combat-heavy, futuristic vibe, we can’t wait to see more. Plus, the roster of Zenless Zone Zero characters is full of quirky individuals, robots, maids, and bears – oh my!

Monster Hunter Mobile

It’s been slow work, but the Monster Hunter franchise has grown in notoriety and quality over the years thanks to a steady string of quality games, and a dedicated and passionate fan base. Both World and Rise have done wonders (sadly the movie is best not talked about), and it now looks like the Monster-bashing franchise is ready to take on mobile.

With such a strong selection of creatures and the gameplay feeling the sharpest it ever has, it’s going to be really fun to see how Capcom approach the mobile market, and just where this franchise could go in the future.

DC Heroes & Villains

I tend to avoid match-three puzzlers like the plague, which makes it all the more surprising that one of my most anticipated mobile games for next year is part of this genre. DC Heroes & Villains promises to blend match-three puzzler mechanics with RPG components in a unique first for this grisly universe.

Of course, the fact this is a DC game has me excited, especially as I’m the third wheel in Joker and Harley’s relationship. This brings me nicely to the main reason for my excitement, you don’t have to be the hero. Instead, you can be a villain, and let’s be honest, they have way more fun.

There’s no set DC Heroes & Villains release date yet, but we hope to see more soon.

Marvel World of Heroes

I love Marvel, do you love Marvel? Of course you do, who doesn’t love to watch some heroes kick some supervillain butt? Well, next year, we can all go one step further and save the day ourselves in Marvel World of Heroes, an augmented reality title from the geniuses that brought you Pokemon Go. That’s right, you just know that there are going to be plenty of real-life quests for you to embark on.

Star Wars Hunters

A team-based multiplayer battle game set in the Star Wars universe? Sign me up! I’m a big fan of Overwatch and Apex Legends, so the idea of blending these great ideas with the many iconic aliens and characters from Star Wars is a genuinely exciting one.

If you’re telling me I can sneak up on enemies as a Wookie and bash them with a hammer, then I will play your game. While we won’t know a tremendous amount about the game yet, it’s likely to get a whole host of interesting aliens from the many corners of the Star Wars universe, so we’re excited to see just how well Star Wars Hunters plays next year.

And that’s it for our list of the biggest new mobile games you can expect in 2023. Check back here occasionally, as we’ll update this guide with more new games as they pop up.